Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grabba Leaf?

Grabba Leaf is the name given to a range of our products derived from the natural tobacco leaf. This Grabba Leaf branding includes our flagship Natural Cigar Wraps, and Whole Leaf products.

What is the Grabba Natural Cigar Wrap?

This is our cleaned and pre-cut tobacco leaves that are ready for rolling. There are two Natural Cigar Wraps per brown pouch.

What is the Grabba Whole Leaf?

A single leaf is specially selected and packaged into a pouch. The Grabba Whole Leaf gives the consumer the option to select a size for rolling, or otherwise determine how much to use.

What is so special about Grabba Leaf Products?

Our Company takes pride in attaining and maintaining the high quality of our products, a trait for which we are generally lauded by our customers. Our products are 100 percent natural … from the farm, to the factory where it is prepared and packaged, and into your hands!

Does Grabba Leaf products contain nicotine?

Tobacco is scientifically known to contain nicotine, so it is therefore logical that Grabba Leaf’s 100 percent natural products will have this substance. Importantly, Grabba Leaf does not use additives of any sort in it’s preparation and marketing process.


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